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Almost all of websites are aiming for the top position on search engines nowadays. If you want to be among the top, you need to consider your search engine optimisation techniques. There are many actionable tricks that you can include in your strategy that will ensure you get some of the results that you want.

Have A Google+ Page

Google+ is not the most popular social network out there, but it is useful for search engine optimisation. Having a Google+ page for you business allows you to link the website to the page and this impacts your search engine results. Websites with linked Google+ pages will have a picture next to them, and this will often make your link more attractive to visitors.

Google+ pages are free to open as long as you have a free Google account. You will only be able to use a picture of your face on the page and Google can tell if you do not. You will also need to verify that you are the owner of the website that you link to the page, but all of this is worthwhile because many visitors will trust the results with your face.

Seriously Consider Google Places

If you have a business with a physical address, then you need to add Google Places. Most people assume that this is only for restaurants or stores, but any business can benefit from this. Google search results are also moving more toward local searches which mean that a Google Places page will help you rank well.

Local search results show at the top of Google results, but only the top 3 will show. To ensure that you rank in the top 3 you need to check that you have more positive reviews than your competitors. You may only need 5 or 6 good reviews to rank in the top results for your local area.

To start ranking, you need to supply Google with your business name and address. This address should be the same as the one on your website and any other social media accounts you have. When Google looks to rank local searches, they will look at reviews and how many ‘citations’ or websites where they can locate your address as part of the algorithm.

Check Internal Links

Most people know that backlinks are essential to SEO, but many neglect their internal links. Internal links are when you link one page of your website to another. If you have a section of your site that is not performing well, you should try sending more internal links to the page.

It is also important that your internal links tell your visitors where they are going. Many people use phrases like ‘click here’ to link between pages, and this might not be the best solution. Having the name of the article you are linking to is better because it tells visitors and search engines where the link goes.

Make Sure Your Content Is Google Friendly

Having a website that speaks the same language as Google is important because the spiders the search engine’s send to your website are limited in what they can view.

Do Competition Research

Most people focus on keyword research, but checking out your competition is just as important. Looking at your competitor’s sites is also a good way to start your website because you can see what is working and what is not. It is easy to pick who your competition is by simply searching for the keyword you want to rank for.

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